April 19, 2018

The outpouring of concern that followed my initial post about Tommy and his health led me to start some more routine dialogue with everyone. This was my update from two days later.

Tommy update: He is in the CICU so they can keep a sharp eye on him. He has been stable with some improvement over the last day or so. He feels OK, other than being weak, and is very tired of being confined to bed. If he continues to do well, the plan is to get the pumps that assist his heart out of his system so he can start getting up and that’s what we’re focusing on now.

What can you do to help? This is a situation where thoughts and prayers are absolutely appropriate as what he needs for healing requires skilled cardiologists.and that’s beyond most of us.

He’s requiring blood products so if you’re a donor, go make a donation in his honor and replenish the system.

He hates the hospital food, so I’m bringing in a lot for him. If you would like to do that, message me as he does have some limitations in diet.

Visitors are fine, but again, message me as there are some restrictions on visiting hours and the CICU is not conducive to a lot of folk at once.

There may have been limitations on diet, but Tommy was having none of that. I spent a good portion of my time during his bed confinement running around to various restaurants to meet his whims for take out. There was nothing wrong with his appetite or his foodie instincts. And woe be unto me if I got any of the order wrong…

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