May 22, 2018

Me and my sister in her tattoo studio

And so the time came to do something I had hitherto left unexplored. Visit my sister for a tattoo. She’d been trying for years. The time had finally come.

Dateline Seattle, Washington –

So I did it, I actually let my sister tattoo me today. I had told her a number of years ago that if I lost Tommy, she could do a Steve/Tommy memorial piece and so the time came for me to undergo the needle. I think it turned out rather well (picture below). I’ll let you all figure out what it has to do with Tommy and Steve…

The Tommy/Steve memorial

Not a whole lot else going on today. A visit to mom (another quiet and somewhat grumpy day) and then some shopping for some new clothes and for a piece of Seattle art as a thank you to Melissa who has been caring for the cats in my absence. That was pretty much it until tattoo time.

What did I think of the tattoo experience? Didn’t hurt as much as I thought it might. My sister seems to know what she’s doing and it didn’t take as long as I was afraid of. I don’t know that I will continue to collect them. I don’t plan on losing more husbands.

My arm is aching and I’ve taken ibuprofen and going to bed early so I don’t have a story for tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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