August 6, 2018

Hello, Dolly! Stanford University 1983

Last night I wrote a very long post catching everyone up on the last few weeks and, of course, Facebook ate it before I could upload it. I was in no mood to redo it last night but I’ve mellowed a little bit this evening so, while I am binge watching season 5 of Parks and Recreation, here’s a quick update on life, the universe and everything.

I’ve been back at work for a month now. New patterns are starting to establish themselves. Work is work and going relatively smoothly, other than some computer issues on the VA side which are still being straightened out. Many of my patients read the obituaries obsessively and so figured out why I was out for most of the spring so I have returned to many hugs and condolences. When you’ve been caring for the same population for a couple of decades, you develop a bond. I have some people whom I have had since I picked up my original panel in the late 90s. They were 70 something then and 90 something now. I have the children of a number of my original patients who are now in their 70s and 80s. Yet another reminder of how I have become embedded in the fabric of this city.

More Dolly…

Outside of work, arts stuff is starting to come back from summer hiatus. Church choir started last week and Hello, Dolly! rehearsals begin this Thursday. I did Dolly once before, thirty five years ago in college, when I assisted Lauren Marshall as director. Alex Kaufman and Elizabeth Bryantwere Cornelius and Irene and Marq T Laube was in the chorus. I wish I had a wonderfully entertaining story about that production, but, as I remember it, the whole thing went relatively smoothly. I do recall a rather endless production meeting that got bogged down on whether Dolly should wear black or tan character shoes. (I believe tan won). I also recall a couple of production numbers that refused to come together until final dress rehearsal when the usual magic of theater brought them home. There weren’t a lot of dancers in the men’s chorus so we staged the Waiters Galop and Polka Contest with a lot of tricks. Waiters on roller skates, waiters on rolling carts, juggling waiters, waiters tossing trays at each other… It worked. And of course the whole thing ended up with Rudolf getting a pie in the face. (One of my touches).

And still more Dolly…

I still have empty hours at home which I am trying to fill. I’m starting to get some home projects done, such as decluttering. The master suite is essentially done and I am starting on the office/media room next. I packed up all of Tommy’s good clothes and sent them off to the University of Montevallo’s student clothing bank yesterday. It’s so starving college students can have dress clothes for interviews and the like. I thought he’d like that. I’ve kept the things that we both wore and I have his bow ties which I don’t wear, but they were his signature so I think I will bestow them as mementos.

I need to start organizing all my bits and pieces of essay and thought on aging and mortality and start organizing it together into something above and beyond Facebook posts. I’ve done a little bit but there is much more to do. I bought myself a new laptop as the old one was getting old and wonky and I’m hoping it will spur me into doing some writing in the evenings. Of course, I bought myself a new Xbox one on the same Best Buy shopping trip so I’ll have to put down the controller to do that.

Some days are harder than others but in general I’m OK. I feel like I’m sleepwalking through life and hope that as I get more things back on the plate as fall advances, that I’ll be waking up a bit more. I’m not going to journal daily like I did when I was travelling, but I do have some trips coming up, so I will write more as that happens. NYC again in October, Seattle for Thanksgiving and something exotic over Christmas that hasn’t been thoroughly planned out yet.

What do I need at this point? If you’re local, dinners out or an evening of cocktails and board games or some such. If you’re at a distance, just message or call or check in with me from time to time and say Hi. There’s just a huge hole and it takes time and other people to gradually fill it.

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