December 23, 2018

Hotel at Tup Kaek

Dateline: Bangkok, Krabi and Tup Kaek Thailand-

It’s going to be another early to bed night. I’m feeling better than yesterday but still not 100%. No fever, no major respiratory or GI symptoms, just the blahs and some mild myalgia so I assume it’s likely a virus picked up from crowds of southeast Asians jostling me at all turns. And then there’s five plane rides in the last week.

Fishing at Tup Kaek beach

I’m now in the lovely middle of nowhere on Tup Kaek beach (sounds a lot like Cupcake) and WiFi is spotty, probably because every guest at the resort is trying to log on at once. I am therefore writing this on my phone as cell reception is doing better than the WiFi network; I don’t like typing at length on the phone, but needs must I suppose.

Christmas Eve 2014 with Anna Cordelia

I slept quite well and long last night waking up about 6:30. I sat on my balcony and watched the river for awhile and then opened the computer. The first thing that greeted me was one of those memory photos from Christmas 2014. It was of me and Tommy in the narthex of the church holding Mandy Olson’s precious baby daughter, Anna Cordelia. I hadn’t been expecting it so it caught me a bit off guard, but the memory was a happy one so it was only a momentary tear.

The morning was devoted to breakfast and the Tetris puzzle of packing. I’ve added somewhat to my belongings. Fortunately, in anticipation I had bought a new backpack while bazaar hopping and everything ended up fitting. My next transfer is by car rather than plane so I don’t have to worry about stuff to much until it’s time to go home. Tonight is the official half way point of the trip… downhill slide.

Pete the indefatigable tour guide and driver were on time and we beat our way back across Bangkok traffic to the airport. Having allowed for some traffic jam time, I hung out, had lunch twice (a decent one at the airport and a not so decent one in flight) and then off to Krabi.

The view from the plane as we landed showed acre upon acre of agricultural land with muddy rivers meandering through. I was on the wrong side of the plane for an ocean view. Baggage claim (slow) and then a driver who spoke essentially no English or French to take me to the hotel/resort.

Tropical resorts – seen one…

Krabi looks like pretty much every other beach town from Cancun to Charlotte Amalie but with more Muslims. We’re quite close to Malaysia which is Muslim and there seems to be a certain blending going on. Off we went down rural highways and the landscape soon started to change with huge sheer granite monoliths and hills rising out of the serene surrounding countryside. The drive was about fifty or sixty miles ending up at a lovely beach with a number of resort hotels.

My room – complete with calming water feature

My room is beachfront with ocean view windows in the shower and tub area. A light breeze through the lanai and the white noise of a water feature which surrounds the room. I took a dip in the pool (the only design flaw being the infinity lip having a glorious view of a privacy hedge), has a little something to eat, and sat in a lounge chair and watched the sun set into the Andaman Sea.

Tomorrow and the day after are the actual holiday. The trip was designed to take me somewhere calm and restive on those days. I think this will fill the bill. Haven’t heard any English yet from the other guests- mainly French and German and one large family shouting at each other in some Slavic tongue.

No story tonight… typing issues. I’ll try writing something I can cut and paste later if the WiFi keeps acting up.

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