November 24, 2018

Dateline: Birmingham, Alabama-

Just a quick update to let everyone know I have safely returned from the Pacific Northwest. As it’s about a ten hour journey, there hasn’t been time for anything else today besides travel. I don’t mind distance travel. Wedge me in a window seat and leave me alone for hours and I’m good. This round trip gave me the time to read Erik Larsson’s In the Garden of Beasts about the early days of Hitler’s rise to power from the perspective of the then American ambassador to Germany and his somewhat free spirited daughter. I enjoyed it, but it’s not as good as his Devil in the White City from some years ago. I also watched a bunch of films on the in flight entertainment system so I suppose that means I have to write some new columns. The one that had personal meaning was Lady Bird about high schoolers in Sacramento in the early 2000s. Sacramento is very much a character in the film and it was fun recognizing so many of the locations such as the McKinley Park rose garden which was about five blocks from my and Steve’s house.

I’ve decided to do as little as possible the rest of the weekend. I haven’t had veg time for a while. I do have a dinner appointment with friends tomorrow but other than that I shall lounge around in my Harry Potter sleep pants and an old t-shirt watching Netflix, playing Xbox and eating unbalanced meals. Then three more weeks of work before the big vacation. I probably won’t write a lot during that time, but you never know. The oddest things set me off…

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