July 17, 2019

Many airplanes

Dateline: Birmingham, Alabama

And so back home in my own bed after a not quite 24 hour trip involving three different flights and not much in the way of adventure. Which is good when traveling internationally. I got up this morning around 11:30 PM last night central time, got myself packed and down to the lobby and was met by a very nice driver who got me to the Budapest airport. It was a bit of a mob scene as several Chinese package tours were departing at the same time I was but they were on their way home to Shanghai so I soon left them behind. A few hours later, and I was in the Amsterdam airport waiting for my transatlantic flight. At least the gate was close to the Starbucks.

I watched a bunch of movies I’ve seen before so I could dose in and out of them and not be lost. The one new one to me was Love, Actually – which I had somehow never seen despite its being broadcast every holiday season for the last fifteen years. It may have not been the best choice as it brought up quite a bit of emotional baggage of various types. Eight hours later, I was in Detroit, only two hours after leaving Amsterdam. Long lines at immigration and customs but as my flight was delayed several hours due to midwest thunderstorms and planes being out of position, that didn’t really matter. I found a seat and dozed some more and was pleasantly surprised to find out they’d upgraded me to first class for the last leg. It would have been nicer had I been upgraded for the transatlantic piece, but you can’t have everything I suppose.

The house is still standing. Anastasia, the only one of my cats that seems to like me seems happy to see me. Archie and Oliver have me on ignore. Going to try and get my normal sleep and then go to work tomorrow and Friday on usual hours. I’m just doing paperwork and catch-up. Not dealing with patients until Monday.

Starting to think about the next adventure. Looking at the calendar, looks like late March/early April 2020 is when it will happen. What to do? In the meantime, writing to do and a bunch of theatrical projects on deck. I should stay out of trouble. Signing off until I have something to say…

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