November 9, 2019

Dateline: Birmingham, Alabama

And home again, home again. But not before being invited to enjoy Lobsterfest at St. Thomas’s church in Huntsville by Sam Barnett and Laura Kilgore Barnett. Sam grew up in the church and tries to come back for this big bash of theirs every year. Mind you, I never really thought of Huntsville as a New England seafood capital but the lobster I cracked and ate was pretty darn good. It’s been a while since I’d eaten a whole lobster fresh from the pot and I’d forgotten how good they can taste. As I was sitting there, all I could think of was the opening to Act II of Carousel and I was expecting the assembled crowd to break into ‘This Was a Real Nice Clambake’.

Then, the uneventful drive home to Birmingham, a bit of catching up on things like mail and litter boxes and off to a party at Kimberly Kirklin and Stephen Mangina‘s house for a few hours. Now I’m curled up in bed with the laptop, binge watching Gotham Season 3 on Netflix and working out what I have to do for the next couple of weeks. I’m home for the next two weeks on regular schedule before taking off again, this time to Seattle for Thanksgiving and family time. Long posts and travelogue will resume then.

Today is International Dorothy Dunnett day. I celebrated by listening to Queens Play as my audiobook during my drive today. I think this is my fourth time through The Lymond Chronicles and I find something new every time. Some day, I’ll be in the UK in early November and be able to go to one of the major gatherings that happen there on November the 9th. We Dunnett fans are small in number but mighty in curiosity and intellect. Sybilla. as described, sounds exactly like my Scottish grandmother so that’s whom I always see in the domestic scenes. I, however, am nothing like Francis Crawford of Lymond.

I have a talk coming up in a week for a community forum on the topic of compassion. I have no idea what I’m going to say. Something will eventually come to me; it usually does. But, if any of you has a brilliant idea…

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